Digital Economic Age Indicates Digital Transformation

Under the pulling of consumption upgrade, promoting of environment requirements, compelling of low industrial efficiency, and driving of technology development, traditional construction modes can no longer meet requirements of sustainable development.

The building industry faces a series of problems, including extensive management, low efficiency, excessive waste, disproportionate energy consumption , and inadequate technological innovation.

MG's Industry Digitization Index
McKinsey Global Institute Industry Digitization Index:
From data of 2015 or later

low digitizationcontact_color.pnghigh digitization
Digital leaders in non-digitized

The building industry’s digitization level is the lowest except the agriculture.

*Refer from McKinsey Global Institute industrial digital index

Industry Digital Transformation Model

A traditional industry was deconstructed from three perspectives, namely all elements (dimension of space), all processes (dimension of time) and all participants (dimension of individual/organization), and reconstructed from the perspectives of digitized, online and intelligent management to form new productive objects, namely, physical building and digital virtual building. Traditional industries were prompted to thoroughly remold and have new productive factors. Three News productivity, new design, new construction and new maintenance, drive the construction products’ upgrade in terms of all processes, all elements and all participants, so as to improve the construction industry to industrial refinement level, reconstruct productive relations, form new industrial ecology, and develop new industry in digital age.

Digital Building is the Core Engine for Industrial Transformation and Upgrade

Digital building is an industrial business strategy driven by the digital technology that is based on BIM, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, mobile Internet, and artificial intelligence, and is complemented with advanced lean construction project management theory and method. By effective integration of personnel, processes, data, technology and business systems, digital building enables digitized, online and intelligent management of all processes, all elements and all participants to develop new ecosystems for projects, enterprises and industries.

Productivity (total factor resources, including data,technology, process and method, etc.)

“Digital building platform” will drive digital transformation of building industry

New Design Stage+New Construction Stage+New Maintenance Stage

New Design Stage: All digital “sample”

All digital sample stage is a process for digital virtual integration and delivery of construction full life circle of buildings, so that all participants carry out digital PDCA circulation simulation and digital proofing work at the stages of project design, purchase, production, construction and maintenance through digital building platform before physical construction for the purpose of management advanced control, construction scheme optimization, and provision of guidance in physical construction and maintenance so as to minimize waste and maximize values.

New Construction Stage: Industrialized construction

Digital building integrates consumers, developers, production company, logistics company and construction company to form digital production line of the full industrial chain through software and data. The “production line” will achieve the linkage of factory industrialization and on-site industrialization, the real-time online intelligent interactive cooperation and the improvement of construction process to industrial refinement level so as to minimize waste, maximize values and keep moving.

New Maintenance Stage: Intelligent maintenance

Upgrade buildings to be an appreciable, analyzable, controllable and even adaptive intelligent life entity through digital building. Achieve intelligent judgment, self-optimization, self-management and self-maintenance of operation strategy of buildings and facilities through artificial intelligence driven by big data, appreciate and predict service needs in building space, and provide comfortable and healthy services meeting individual requirements. Solve problems in the traditional building operation and maintenance including low service efficiency, high energy consumption, poor environmental comfort level, high waste of building assets and low efficiency of maintenance data mining and utilizing.

Data source - Digital Building White Paper

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